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Not only are French Macarons stylish and elegant, they taste divine!
Smooth and crisp on the outside, with a soft mallowy texture on the inside, and filled with delicious Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon or White Chocolate Buttercream.  Macarons are also naturally gluten free.

Our hand-made Macarons are so much tastier than those from a shop shelf, and are available in a variety of flavours; plain, lavendar, strawberry, chocolate, raspberry ... or tell us what you'd like!
(NB. there is a minimum order of 15 Macarons)


Macaron wedding favour     Macaron Bauble favour

Macarons make delightful wedding favours.
(Single bagged from £1.60 each)


Or how about a beautiful
Bauble for your guests?
(from £1.95 each)



Boxed Macarons    

Also available as Trios in these pretty boxes
£4.00 each


Or as Pairs
£2.50 each



Perfect for vintage tea parties


We can even make them as Teacup Macarons complete with Shortbread Saucer £2.25 each
(Minimum order of 12)

    French Macaron Croquembouche

Or how about a Macaron Croquembouche as part of your celebration  buffet?

Comprising 70 (approx) Macarons and can be coloured and decorated to any theme.


The Macaron Croquembouche is bang on trend and a stunning wedding cake alternative.

This one was created for the latest Pistachioblush.com photoshoot

Priced from £95 
(+£25 refundable deposit for the Croquembouche itself)

 Please note: Due to their delicate nature Macaron Teacups and Croquembouche's are unsuitable for posting.


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